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/ Who We Are


We’re a team of passionate and experienced interior designers and architects based in Newcastle. Specialising in hospitality and leisure, we are trusted by pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and event venues to create innovative and conceptual, yet functional social spaces.

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So, What Do We Actually Do?

We Design Your Story
Starting with cutting-edge concepts for leisure interiors, we create a narrative to your projects. It all starts with our interior designers discovering the story of your brand. Our aim is for your hospitality space to reflect your passion and personality down to the smallest detail. By bringing together talented and experienced local professionals, we are able to offer an agile, end to end service – from bespoke interior design through to architectural planning. Working together, we deliver your project from concept to completion.
Concept Design
We produce bespoke concept designs to develop the identity of your project. Our creative team of interior designers will work with you to understand your business and your customers so we can design an experience matching style with substance. The design concept of your event, hospitality or social space starts as a central idea – a theme that draws together colours, textures, lighting, furniture and finishes to evoke an emotion in your customers – an atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else. To start this exciting process, your interior designer will meet with you to talk through what you want to achieve with your newly refurbished space. Having understood you and your customers, they will craft a bespoke plan that is centred around the priorities you have for your leisure space.
Architectural Planning
We’re not just all about design. We’ll guide you through the practicalities of a project too. The convenience and enjoyment of your customers is taken into account when we plan the layout of your space. The positioning of the furniture, the flow of walkways, and ease of movement are just some of the practical aspects our interior design team covers during the architectural planning phase. From licensing and planning applications to negotiating building regulations, we are with you for the entire planning process. We’re here to realise your hospitality design concept one step at a time.