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From the first moment we meet you and your team for your free consultation, to being on site to ensure designs are delivered to the highest of standards, we’ve got you covered. We also understand that licensing plans and building regulations can be a major headache too, but we’re here to arm our clients with a trusted 360 service.

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So, How Do We Do It?

We always believe in an initial consultation to understand you, your customers, your venue and your aspirations. Here, we carry out an appraisal of the proposed building/space to understand and advise on its potential. This also includes advice on the project processes and timeline. You will also receive an Initial consultation with our licensing solicitor and our architect’s thoughts on potential planning challenges.
This includes… A site visit to carry out a digital laser measured survey of the interior floor plans and exterior of the building. Production of a full existing digital CAD drawings for the existing plans, existing External elevations and internal sections. Utilising the existing CAD drawings, we would work with you to agree on the requirements within your operation, i.e. positions of bars, seating, toilets, etc. Based upon the prior we would produce fully operational plans illustrating customer flow, bar servery, booth seating, stage, loose seating, VIP areas, toilet provision, kitchen, cellar and back of house areas. All layouts will be produced to meet all standards, building control, DDA regulations, toilet provisions and in line with licensing requirements for capacities and fire exits. Upon your approval of the plans, we would produce full Licensing layouts to include fire strategy notation and red lined licensing demise, these plans would be passed to the Licensing solicitor to enable an application to be made.
Here, we design and produce full proposed external elevations to include new proposed works to include all external building changes such as features, external signage, Lighting, entrance doors, to name but a few. We work with a graphic designer/local signage supplier to enable the full design of the new signage for the application. We produce proposed existing and proposed Site Block plans & OS Location map to support the planning applications. We create Design & Access Statement and Heritage Statement to support the planning applications. Make on-line applications for necessary planning requirements, i.e. (Listed Building / full planning / Consent to display advertising / Change of use) Liaise with planners throughout the process of the applications.
Our architectural department would produce Building regulations plans to detail all new below/above ground drainage, construction information in regard to insulation (U values), Glazing specification, Toilet provision, structural changes, calculations and detailing of structural info from client appointed structural engineer where needed, demolitions and general notes in regard to new construction details and regulations. The produced details and plans would be forwarded to a client appointed ‘Approved Inspector’, whom will ensure the safe passage of a certificate of Building Regulations.
Full Concept Consultation. Here, we comprehensively deliver the design direction of the customer experience interior concept. We create a shared ‘Pinterest’ page to share images, ideas, features and finishes. At this stage, a concept imagery board will be produced to illustrate the feel, ambiance, finishes and features that sum up the scheme suited to the demographic you are trying to attract. The board will be presented to you for discussion and carry out amendments to ensure it is completely to your satisfaction. Upon sign off of the concept board, we would produce 3D CGI impressions of the interior/exterior (SketchUp) to illustrate the customer experience from various views. Now it’s time to deliver you a full presentation and carry out any minor amendments to ensure it is completely to your satisfaction.
The drawings will fully detail all aspects of the scheme and allow for full tendering of the project, avoiding main contractors high percentage provisional sums for project unknowns, typically, drawings would include: Floor finishes plans Loose furniture Plans Small electrics & Lighting plans Reflective ceiling plans Bar servery Details Fixed Booth Seating Details Toilets Internal décor elevations Screens and General details sheet.
Based on the interior Design and in line with the look, feel and ambience of the concept, we would source, price, check availability and delivery of fixtures and features that will bring the interior to life, before being ordered as client directs, typically including: Loose furniture Feature Light fittings Bric a Brac Specialist Artists
On site design management. When the project progresses to site, we will be there to act on your behalf and ensure the design is carried out to the highest quality, manage client direct trades, artists and finishes to our strict standards. Once a main contractor is on board and a full program of the project is know we would be in a position to quote for ongoing regular site attendance. Typically, an allowance of two to three half days per week of the project being on site, plus snagging.