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Searching for bar designers Newcastle? The North East hospitality and leisure industries are a thriving hub of creatives. With every new project, venue owners must rely upon the expertise provided by specialised designers to ensure that their vision becomes a reality. Collaborative Design is a firm that understands that collaboration is the key to long-term success (for both the venue and the designer); working with you not against you.

In today’s blog, we’ll be explaining to readers who and what Collaborative Design is, while also outlining the various services on offer and explaining why CD is right for your business. 

  • Who is Collaborative Design?
  • What services does Collaborative Design provide?
  • What makes Collaborative Design unique?
  • Why choose Collaborative Design?

Who is Collaborative Design | Bar Designers Newcastle

The Collaborative Design collective is a Newcastle-based interior design community, with a mission to re-shape hospitality design. Turning passion projects into functional finished spaces, these Bar designers Newcastle have come together to create innovative venues for a lengthy list of successful pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and event spaces.

What services does Collaborative Design provide?

Before delving into the impressive list of interior design services that Collaborative Design offers, it is important to highlight their fluid/streamlined approach to interior design. The CD team is known for providing clients with an unmatched attention to detail while maintaining open channels of communication with clients throughout the design process. From designing to licensing, planning applications and even to negotiating building regulations, we clients through the practicalities of a project.

Having undergone a recent in-house brand revitalisation, their new and improved 360-degree design service promises to impress. From cutting-edge concepts to impeccably finished interiors, Collaborative Design builds your brand’s story and turns that narrative into a bespoke architectural plan. Uniting complementary colours, textures, lights, furniture and finishes in order to evoke emotion, the CD Bar designers Newcastle make choices that you’ll be happy with long-term. 

What makes Collaborative Design unique?

Collaborative Design is a marvel within the Bar designers Newcastle community. Proudly based within the North East, the CD team presents clients with an all-encompassing holistic approach, which combines local expertise, expert architectural service and a signature personal touch. Through this personalised service, clients are able to build a genuine trust in the CD team, where hands-on guidance is given and their needs are met and ideas are listened to. 

Why choose Collaborative Design?

The CD team is inherently creative and vastly connected. A true network of renowned Bar designers Newcastle, who have come together to produce unparalleled work and spearhead the NE interior design industry.

To arrange a free consultation or to learn more about our services, contact us today at chris@collaborativedesign.me or give us a call on 07939103095.

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